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APRI – the Austrian Polar Research Institute

The Austrian Polar Research Institute (APRI) is a research consortium that promotes and coordinates research and education in the area of polar sciences at the participating organisations. The APRI involves about 50 scientists in 18 research groups.

News at APRI


Polar Talk #14 (in German)

Am 26.06.2024 um 18:30 Uhr findet der #14 Polar Talk im Naturhistorischen Museum Wien statt. Gehen Sie mit dem Austrian Polar Research Institute (APRI) auf eine fesselnde Expedition durch die Sonderausstellung "Arktis. Polare Welt im Wandel". Tauchen Sie ein in…

Climate Change in Greenland: Timing of lake ice break-up and its consequences

APRI scientists from the CC-MoRe (Climate Change in Mountain Regions) research group at the University of Graz investigated the timing of the seasonal ice cover break-up of lakes in Greenland and identified its strong dependence on altitude. The temperatures of…

Polar Talk #13

On 15.05.2024 at 18:30 the #13 Polar Talk will take place at the Natural History Museum Vienna. The implementation of the energy transition, the European Green Deal policy and the efforts of society in Europe to make the economy and…