APRI – the Austrian Polar Research Institute

The Austrian Polar Research Institute (APRI) is a research consortium that promotes and coordinates research and education in the area of polar sciences at the participating organisations. The APRI involves about 50 scientists in 18 research groups.

News at APRI

The “Blue Economy” and the Arctic

APRI associate member Edward Canuel summarizes his recent “PolarTalk #4” where he focused on the blue economy - namely, what it is, what it means in practice, and the various interdisciplinary issues which intersect it. Looking to the Arctic as…

The Hidden Ocean

The deep sea is the largest ecosystem on Earth, yet we know so little about it. This holds especially true for the bottom of the Arctic deep sea, where – due to remoteness and sea ice cover – only very…

Die Klimakrise und der Permafrost: “Was wir gerade tun, ist komplett unverantwortlich”

APRI Mitglied Andreas Richter berichtet in einem Interview mit uni:view über die Folgen einer Politik und Gesellschaft, die nur das Allernötigste unternimmt, um den Klimawandel einzubremsen. Die Erwärmung des Klimas lässt sich besonders gut an den Veränderungen des Permafrostes beobachten.…

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