APRI – the Austrian Polar Research Institute

The Austrian Polar Research Institute (APRI) is a research consortium that promotes and coordinates research and education in the area of polar sciences at the participating organisations. The APRI involves about 50 scientists in 18 research groups.

News at APRI


Polar Talk #4: Exploring the Blue Economy

The time has come, the Walrus said, To talk of many things: Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax— Of cabbages—and kings— And why the sea is boiling hot— And whether pigs have wings. And like the conversation of the Walrus and the…

Yukon mining history from First Nation Elders’ perspectives

Have you heard of the Klondike Gold Rush? We guess you did. But how do First Nations in Canada experience mining on their traditional homelands today and how do they think about the past 100 years of mining in their…
West Greenland coast

New Greenland Satellite Study

A large-scale study led by Dominik Fahrner, Liverpool University, that involved the Austrian Polar Research Institute (APRI) provides evidence of a severe Greenland-wide retreat of glacier fronts on the world's largest island that began in the 1980s. Jakob Abermann of…

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