APRI – the Austrian Polar Research Institute

The Austrian Polar Research Institute (APRI) is a research consortium that promotes and coordinates research and education in the area of polar sciences at the participating organisations. The APRI involves about 50 scientists in 18 research groups.

News at APRI

Polar Ecology

The antibiotic crisis: Can hunting for antibiotics in the World´s coldest place help?

Rising antibiotic resistance, less effective treatments of bacterial infections, freezing and remote Antarctica with its cold-loving microorganism and one passionate microbiologist…How is this all connected? Without any doubts we know that medicine reached the point when antibiotic therapy becomes less…

Bark Beetles and Climate Change

As we reported in the article about the Climate Walk project, the big Climate Walk from the North Cape to the Portuguese Atlantic coast has been postponed to 2022 due to Covid and replaced by a kind of test run…

Monitoring of a Rock Glacier in West Greenland

As part of the project ACT-RG (An active rock glacier in West Greenland – Deciphering its structure and landform evolution), the researchers Andreas Kellerer-Pirklbauer, Felix Bernsteiner and Jakob Abermann from the Institute of Geography and Regional Science, University of Graz,…

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