Research Group Bartsch

Research Topic

Land Surface Remote Sensing

Research Interest

Permafrost is an essential climate variable. It is a subsurface phenomenon, which cannot be directly measured with remotely sensed data. However, many parameters, which influence the ground thermal regime and surface indicators, can be captured with satellite data. We focus on changes of landscape hydrology and their impact in the Arctic. This includes monitoring of thaw lakes, snow conditions and surface moisture with satellite data.

PD Dipl.-Geogr., Annett Bartsch, PhD

Managing director of b.geos



  • Helena Bergstedt (MSc), PhD student (FWF Doctoral college GIScience, University of Salzburg)
  • Elin Högström (MSc), PhD student (Vienna University of Technology)
    Remote sensing of land surface hydrology (EU FP7 + INTERACT)
  • Christine Kroisleitner (MSc), b.geos (ESA CCI+ Permafrost)
  • Georg Pointner (MSc), PhD student (b.geos, University of Salzburg), Remote sensing of land surface hydrology (HORIZON2020 Nunataryuk)

Selected Publications