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Research Group Heinz

Research Topic

Foraminifera in Arctic Marine Ecosystems

Research Interest

Foraminifera are unicellular organisms and an abundant and important element of modern and past marine ecosystems. Most foraminifera build a solid test with a high fossilization potential, and they are important tools for reconstructions in paleoecology and paleoceanography, especially in polar regions. We are analyzing species composition and biodiversity, biogeographic ranges, trophic interactions, abundances and fossil assemblages of benthic and planktonic foraminifera in different arctic areas to find out more about foraminiferal life and the influence of different environmental factors on foraminifera. This will help to improve our reconstructions of past environmental conditions and the influence of different water masses.

Dr. Petra Heinz

Department of Palaeontology, University of Vienna



  • Erik Wolfgring, PhD, PostDoc
  • Tina Palme, MSc. PhD Student
  • Kamila Faizieva, MSc. PhD Student
  • Matthias Nagy, MSc. Technician

Erik Wolfgring, PhD


Tina Palme, MSc.


Kamila Faizieva, MSc.


Matthias Nagy, MSc.