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Photo: © Christoph Ruhsam |


Interview with Dr. Annett Bartsch

Listen to APRI scientist Dr. Annett Bartsch in an interview on the podcast “Down to Earth: A Podcast for Geoscientists by Geoscientists” from the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society. The talk delves into the critical issue of permafrost thaw and its implications for methane release, an important greenhouse gas.

European Polar Board

Prof. Dr. Peter Schweitzer (Austrian Polar Research Institute board member) is member of the European Polar Board and in that regards represents also the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Austria. Listen to an interview about his career in Austria, Alaska and back to Austria and the importance of the European Polar Board acting as independent broker of the European polar research interests.

Microplastics in the Arctic

Listen to the exciting interview with Max Kortmann and Sebastian Pohl in cooperation with the The Arctic Institute about their eco-friendly sailing expedition to chase microplastics in Svalbard, Northeast Greenland, Jan Mayen and Iceland.

You can also read their field reports part I and part II.


Freya glacier,

The Freya glacier in Northeast Greenland is constantly monitored since 2008 by APRI member ZAMG.
Experience a year round feeling how the weather currently is at 74.4 north.