Research Group Schöner

Research Topic

Climate and Glaciers

Research Interest

The reaction of polar ice masses to climate change and their contribution to sea-level is a major concern in climate research. Beside the ice sheet of Greenland a large number of glaciers and ice caps close to the coast of Greenland are clearly relevant. We are studying the reaction of these glaciers and ice-caps in Greenland through both comprehensive measurements and modelling attempts of the surface energy- and mass balance. Another topic of our research is to improve the understanding of the mechanism relevant for the catastrophic outburst floods of ice dammed lakes in Greenland.

Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Schöner

Institut für Geographie und Raumforschung, University of Graz

Tel. +43 (0)316 380 – 8295


  • Jakob Abermann (Dr) Ass. Prof. (University of Graz)
  • Sonika Shahi (MSC) PhD student (University of Graz)
  • Gernot Resch (MSc) PhD student (University of Graz)

Selected Publications

  • Abermann, J., D. van As, S. Wacker, K. Langley and M. Citterio. Mountain glaciers vs Ice sheet in Greenland – Surface mass and Energy balance gradients. Journal of Glaciology, 1-7. doi:10.1017/jog.2019.4
  • Abermann, J., Hansen, B.U., Lund, M., Wacker, S., Karami, M. and Cappelen, J. (2017). Hotspots and key periods of Greenland climate change during the past 6 decades. Ambio, 46(1), pp. 3-11.
  • Citterio, M., M. K. Sejr, P. L. Langen, R. Mottram, J. Abermann, S. H. Larsen, K. Skov and M. Lund (2017). Towards quantifying the glacial runoff signal in the freshwater input to Tyrolerfjord–Young Sound, NE Greenland, Ambio, 46(1), pp. 146-159.
  • Machguth, H., Thomsen, H.H., Weidick, A., Ahlstrøm, A.P., Abermann, J., Andersen, M.L., Andersen, S.B., Bjørk, A.A., Box, J.E., Braithwaite, R.J, Bøggild, C.E., Citterio, M., Clement, P., Colgan, W., Fausto, R.S, Gleie, K., Gubler, S., Hasholt, B., Hynek, B., Knudsen, N.T., Larsen, S.H., Mernild, S.H., Oerlemans, J., Oerter, H., Olesen, O.B., Smeets, C.J.P., Steffen, K., Stober, M., Sugiyama, S., van As, D., van den Broeke, M.R, van de Wal, R.S.W. (2016): Greenland surface mass-balance observations from the ice-sheet ablation area and local glaciers. Journal of Glaciology, 62(235), 861-887, https://doi.org/10.1017/jog.2016.75
  • Key, J., Goodison, B.; Schöner, W.; Godøy Ø., Miroslav O., Snorrason, Á., (2015). A Global Cryosphere Watch. Arctic, 2015, Vol. 68, Suppl. 1, 48 – 58


  • EU PolarNet https://www.eu-polarnet.eu/
  • Advancing glaciers in North Greenland, Tips og Lottomidlerne (Greenland Government), 2018-2019, PI Jakob Abermann
  • GLIN – Inversions in Greenland, Interact, 2019, PI Jakob Abermann
  • Snow2Rain – From phase transition of precipitation to changing local livelihoods, emotions and affects in East Greenland, OEAW, 2019-2022 PI Wolfgang Schöner
  • PolarVision – Austrian Initiative for focused Polar Research in Greenland, BMBWF, 2009-2014, PI Wolfgang Schöner