Research Group Moseley

Research Topic

Palaeoclimate, Palaeoenvironment, Speleologenesis

Research Interest

The Arctic region is expected to experience some of the greatest climate and environmental changes in the next centuries, of which the consequences will be felt worldwide. Improving understanding of how the Arctic will develop in a warmer world is therefore of paramount importance, and one way to achieve this is to look at periods of warmer climate in the recent geological past. Speleothem deposits (secondary mineral deposits found in caves) offer huge potential to improve our knowledge of palaeoclimate and palaeoenvironmental change, but historically the field has been limited to the tropics and mid-latitudes. Recently, speleothem deposits were discovered in Northeast Greenland that were deposited during times of milder climate. They are now being analysed using U-series dating, stable isotopes and trace elements to improve understanding of climate change in this sensitive region.

Dr. Gina Moseley

Institute of Geology, University of Innsbruck


Selected Publications

  • Moseley, G.E. 2016. Northeast Greenland Caves Project Expedition Report. 96 pp. ISBN: 978-3-9504355-0-4
  • Moseley, G.E., Lawrence Edwards, R.L., Cheng, H., Spötl, C. 2016. Northeast Greenland Caves Project: Constructing a speleothem-derived record of climate change for the Arctic. Quaternary Newsletter 139, 35-38
  • Moseley, G.E., Spӧtl, C., Svensson, A., Cheng, H., Brandstätter, S. and Edwards, R.L. 2014. Multi-speleothem record reveals tightly coupled climate between central Europe and Greenland during Marine Isotope Stage 3. Geology, 42, 1043-1046. DOI: 10.1130/G36063.1
  • Luetscher, M., Borreguero, M., Moseley, G.E., Spötl, C., and Edwards, R.L. 2013. Alpine permafrost thawing during the Medieval Warm Period identified from cryogenic cave carbonates. The Cryosphere, 7, 1073-1081. DOI: 10.5194/tc-7-1073-2013


  • Northeast Greenland Caves Project – www.northeastgreenlandcavesproject.com
    Improving understanding of Northeast Greenland’s past climate using speleothem-derived palaoeclimate reconstructions

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