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Former Faculty Members

APRI sincerely thanks its former faculty members and the members of their research groups for their valuable contributions, long-standing commitment, and constructive collaboration.

Research Group Degen

Research Topic

Polar Benthic Ecology

Research Interest

The Arctic is warming about twice the rate than the global average, most prominently visible in the drastic decrease of sea ice extent and thickness. We are interested how these changes affect specifically the benthic macro- and megafauna communities. By applying a biological trait approach on a pan-Arctic scale we aim to get insight in the benthic functional variability, identify the functions and regions most susceptible to change, and predict benthic eco system functioning in a future, seasonally ice-free Arctic Ocean.

Dr. Renate Degen

Former Research Group Members
Monika Bright
Bodil Bluhm
Irina Zhulay

Research Group Schlosser

Research Topic

Polar Meteorology / Ice Core Interpretation

Research Interest

The stable isotope ratio of polar ice is one of the crucial proxies to derive paleotemperatures. For a correct interpretation of ice core data, however, we need to fully understand the precipitation mechanisms that lead to the formation of the ice. This includes moisture sources and transport as well as meteorological conditions at the time and location of snow deposition. To investigate this we use recent stable isotope and meteorological station data combined with high-resolution atmospheric modeling. Our focus is on process studies in Antarctica.

PD Mag. Dr. Elisabeth Schlosser


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