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Research Group Greilinger

Research Topic

Climate Monitoring and Cryosphere

Research Interest

Long-term monitoring data are crucial to detect ongoing trends, develop a process-based understanding, and eventually, model potential future scenarios. The currently changing climate likely enhances geohazards on global (e.g. sea level rise), regional (e.g. landslide-triggered tsunamis), and local scale (e.g. outburst floods). We are interested in the climate’s impact on the polar cryosphere for these different scales, whereas in-situ field observations are building the foundation of our research. Peripheral glaciers and ice caps in Greenland are currently a substantial contributor to sea level rise. Since 2007 we are measuring the annual mass budget of Freya glacier. Freya glacier is one of just three glaciers on the Greenland east coast exhibiting a long-term mass balance initiative. Furthermore, we are interested in understanding catastrophic events of gravitational mass movements and glacial outburst floods, and their potential relation to the prevailing climate in the polar regions.

Mag. Dr. Marion Greilinger

Head of the Climate Monitoring and Cryosphere Department of the  GeoSphere Austria




Bernhard Hynek (Mag)


Daniel Binder (Mag)


Gernot Weyss (DI)

Selected Publications

  • Svennevig, K., Hermanns, R. L., Keiding, M., Binder, D., Citterio, M., Dahl-Jensen, T., Mertl, S., Vest Sorensen, E. & Voss, P. H. (2022). A large frozen debris avalanche entraining warming permafrost ground—the June 2021 Assapaat landslide, West Greenland. Landslides, 1-19.
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  • Karlsson, N.B., Colgan, W.T., Binder, D., Machguth, H., Abermann, J., Hansen, K., Pedersen, A.Ø., 2019. Ice-penetrating radar survey of the subsurface debris field at Camp Century, Greenland. Cold Regions Science and Technology 165, 102788.
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