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Research Group Rott

Research Topic

Satellite observations of ice sheets and glaciers

Research Interest

Methods and applications of satellite techniques for observing mass balance and dynamics of ice sheets and glaciers and for monitoring seasonal snow cover in mountainous regions. Participated in glaciology/remote sensing field campaigns in Antarctica (Dronning Maud Land, Antarctic Peninsula, Ellsworth Mountains), Greenland, Patagonia. Current projects refer to mass balance and dynamic response of glaciers on the Antarctic Peninsula, Patagonia, Iceland, Greenland (outlet glaciers) and to advanced radar techniques for snow and ice observations in preparation of new satellite missions.

Dr. Helmut Rott

Institute of Atmospheric and Cryospheric Sciences, University of Innsbruck

and ENVEO IT, Innsbruck


Selected Publications

  • Rott, H., Abdel Jaber, W., Wuite, J., Scheiblauer, S., Floricioiu, D., van Wessem, J. M., Nagler, T., Miranda, N., and van den Broeke, M. R. 2018. Changing pattern of ice flow and mass balance for glaciers discharging into the Larsen A and B embayments, Antarctic Peninsula, 2011 to 2016. The Cryosphere, 12, p.1273-1291,
  • IMBIE team. 2018. Mass balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from 1992 to 2017. Nature, 558, 219 – 222,
  • Rott, H., Wuite, J., De Rydt, Gudmundsson, G. H., Floricioiu, D., Rack, W. 2020. Impact of marine processes on flow dynamics of northern Antarctic Peninsula outlet glaciers. Nature Communications (2020) 11:2969,|


Partner in international projects, funded by ESA:

  • Alps Regional Initiative – AlpSnow
  • Climate Change Initiative (CCI+) – Antarctic Ice Sheets
  • Information Content of Multispectral PolInSAR Data
  • Time Series of Ice Flow and Ice Discharge for Antarctic Peninsula