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Torradagar, Faroe Islands

By February 3, 2020Lecture

Prof. Wolfgang Schöner and Christoph Ruhsam are invited to the cultural Torradagar days to the Faroe Islands to talk about the Arctic and the impacts of climate change.

In a multimedia talk (Ruhsam) and a scientific lecture (Schöner), the two APRI affiliates will present the impacts of global warming on the arctic environment and the role of the cryosphere in in the Earth climate system on Thursday, 20th Februray 2020.

Read more about the two talks here:


Foto: Christoph Ruhsam, Frozen Latitudes


Annual air temperature change for the entire Earth, the Alpine region and the Arctic region (deviation from the mean over 1961-1990). Data source:,, NOAA Global Surface Temperature Dataset (NOAAGlobalTemp), Version 4.0