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On November 11th 2020, the APRI General Assembly elected a new APRI Management Team:


The new APRI director defined the following main goals for the forthcoming board period:

  • Advance the public relations/outreach activities of APRI in order to give polar research even more importance in the public perception in Austria. The high attractiveness of polar research itself should make this possible. Also the 2023 anniversary of the Payer-Weyprecht expedition and the discovery of Franz Josef Land can support this activity very well.
  • Preparations for the ASSW2023 in Vienna, as a great chance not only to bring interesting research to Austria, but also to achieve better recognition as a first level Austrian research institution.
  • Active participation in the international committees of polar research (especially the EU project Polarnet2) and close cooperation with polar research institutions in other countries.
  • Motivation and increased integration of the next generation of researchers who will lead and drive the APRI in the future