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Peter Schweitzer wins ERC Advanced Grant to investigate Arctic infrastructures

By April 1, 2020News

We are happy to announce that Peter Schweitzer won a European Research Council Advance Grant!

The project INFRANORTH – Building Arctic Futures: Transport Infrastructures and Sustainable Northern Communities will investigate existing and planned transport infrastructures in the Arctic and examine their role in sustaining Arctic communities. It will look at the intended and unintended consequences of infrastructure projects on Arctic residents and aims to understand whether transport infrastructures support permanent human habitation and sustainable communities, or whether they will strengthen a trend of temporariness and outmigration.

Over the course of five years, the 2,5 million Euro grant will allow Schweitzer and a team of social anthropologists and geographers to conduct a series of case studies in Northern Russia, North America and Northern Fennoscandia, using a mixed-methods approach including ethnographic fieldwork, quantitative population data and interactive scenarios to collect input and inform decision-making.


(c) Margit Schmid