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Research Group Schleper

Research Topic

Archaea in Arctic Soils

Research Interest

Nitrification, the oxidation of ammonia to nitrate, is a crucial process in arctic soils, as it influences the availability of nitrogen, a major limiting nutrient in these ecosystems. Nitrification also contributes directly and indirectly to N2O production. We investigate the distribution and activity of distinct clades of ammonia oxidizing archaea that we found to be associated with different nitrification rates in arctic soils and we explore their contribution to nitrification in the context of the complex microbial communities found in arctic soils.

Dr. Christa Schleper

Archaea Biology and Ecogenomics Division, University of Vienna



  • Ricardo Alves (Mag), PhD student
    The role of ammonia oxidizing archaea in nitrification of arctic tundra soils (FWF P25369, CRYOCARB)
  • Anna Zappe, MSc student
    Physiological and genomic characterization of Nitrosovradea arctica, an ammonia oxidizing archaeon from arctic tundra soils (FWF P25369)
  • Stefanie Aiglsdorfer, MSc student
    Reaction of terrestrial, arctic ammonia oxidizing archaea and bacteria to temperature  increase (CRYOCARB, FWF P25369)

Selected Publications


  • Ammonia Oxidizing Archaea in Arctic Tundra Soils (FWF P25369)