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Planetary Protection and Mars Special Regions—A Suggestion for Updating the Definition

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Unterwegs. Mobiles Leben in der Erdgas- und Erdölindustrie in Russlands Arktis /Мобильный образ жизни вахтовых рабочих нефтегазовой промышленности на Русском Крайнем Севере/Lives on the Move – Long-distance Commuting in the Northern Russian Petroleum Industry. With an extended summary in English and Russian

Saxinger, Gertrude

Wien/Weimar/Köln: Böhlau., 17/08/2016

Ready to go! The next generation of mobile highly skilled workforce in the Russian petroleum industry

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Lured by oil and gas: Labour mobility, multi-locality and negotiating normality & extreme in the Russian Far North

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Can one see the Arctic from Vienna?

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A Statistical Test of Phase Closure to Detect Influences on DInSAR Deformation Estimates Besides Displacements and Decorrelation Noise: Two Case Studies in High-Latitude Regions

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Precipitation and synoptic regime in two extreme years 2009 and 2010 at Dome C, Antarctica – implications for ice core interpretation

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Behind the Scenes in Yukon Mining: Work, camp and family life in Yukon mining today

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Brief Communication: Future avenues for permafrost science from the perspective of early career researchers

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Site- and horizon-specific patterns of microbial community structure and enzyme activities in permafrost-affected soils of Greenland

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Full article

Russia’s long-distance commuters in the oil and gas industry: social mobility and current developments – an anthropological perspective from the Republic of Bashkortostan

Elisabeth Öfner
Journal of Rural and Community Development (2014), Special Issue: Community impacts from large oil and natural gas ventures in rural and remote areas


Metatranscriptomic analysis of Arctic peat soil microbiota

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Surface water inundation in the boreal-Arctic: potential impacts on regional methane emissions

Jennifer D Watts, John S Kimball, Annett Bartsch and Kyle C McDonald
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Video Abstract

Ich bin bereit – Die nächste Generation mobiler Fachkräfte in der russischen Erdgas- und Erdölindustrie

Gertrude Saxinger, Elisabeth Öfner, Elv‘ira Šakirova, Maria Ivanova, Maksim Yakovlev and Eduard Gareev

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Effects of Soil Organic Matter Properties and Microbial Community Composition on Enzyme Activities in Cryoturbated Arctic Soils

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Vliyanie vakhtovogo metoda organizatsii proizvodsv na bazovie goroda Rossiyskogo severa: na primere goroda Vorkuty

The impact of long-distance commuting on the base towns of the Russian North: case study of Vorkuta

Nuykina, Elena (2013)

Izvestiya Komi Nauchnogo tsentra UrO RAN, N1 (13), pp. 107-116, 2013

Bodenschätze und Menschenschätze: Zur sozialen und materialen Situation der fossilen Rohstoffe in Nordwest-Sibirien im Kontext des Fernpendelns

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Assessment of spring floods and surface water exent over Yamalo-Nenets Atonomous District

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Nitrogen dynamics in Turbic Cryosols from Siberia and Greenland

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Early snowmelt events: detection, distribution, and significance in a major sub-arctic watershed

Kathryn Alese Semmens, Joan Ramage, Annett Bartsch and Glen E. Liston

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IASC Newsletter Spring 2013