FWF START grant – great success for Gina Moseley!

Gina Moseley, geographer and FWF Hertha Firnberg Fellow at the Department of Geology at the University of Innsbruck and member of the APRI Faculty, was awarded the €1.1 million grant for her outstanding research on speleothems in North-East Greenland. The project aims at a better understanding of climate change in the Arctic through the study of sinter deposits in caves, also known as speleothems. Speleothems are unique climate archive providing invaluable insights into past periods of changing climate, thus adding new perspectives to the field of paleoclimatology. In particular, the planned research has a very high potential to extend the understanding of climate change in Greenland for periods not covered by ice cores from the Greenland Ice Sheet. The grant will allow Moseley to establish an arctic speleothem working group and to expand speleothem research, which to date has been focused on lower latitudes, to the Arctic.






The FWF START Programme provides outstanding young researchers from any discipline with extensive financial security to plan long-term research and to build up or consolidate their own research groups.

The APRI Steering Committee cordially congratulates Gina Moseley!

You can read more about Gina’s project and the other awarded projects and grantees here.

Fifth Anniversary of the Austrian Polar Research Institute

The Austrian Polar Research Institute celebrated its fifth Anniversary on April 10th. Approximately 80 people joined the celebration in the Sky Lounge of the University of Vienna. The highlight of the evening was the keynote by glaciologist Jason Box who gave a thought-provocing talk on climate change and its effects on the Greenlandic ice sheet. The audience was given a glimpse into the history and the aims of the APRI, and a short film and poster exhibition provided insights into research activities currently being carried out by members of the institute. The party continued over some wine and snacks.






photos by Alexandra Meyer