The Austrian Polar Research Institute (APRI) is a research consortium that promotes and coordinates research and education in the area of polar sciences at the participating organisations.

The APRI involves about 50 scientists in 14 research groups. Read More

Arctic Science Summit Week 2017

The Arctic Science Summit Week will be held in Prague from  March 31th – April 7th. It includes numerous business meetings and science sections.

The second Central European Polar Meeting at the ASSW 2017

The second Central European Polar Meeting is proposed to be held as one session of the ASSW 2017. It is jointly organized by the Committee on Polar Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Centre for Polar Ecology, Czech Republic, and the Austrian Polar Research Institute, in cooperation with the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The second Central European Polar Meeting will bring together polar researchers including distinguished scientists and the next generation of polar researchers, from Central European countries and around the globe. The main scope of meeting is introduction of all facilities managed by participating institutions in polar regions with focus of description of main running research projects.


APRI Faculty Members